Golden Valley Ratepayers
Save GVEA!*
Prior Special Projects:

Save GVEA! exposed and helped defeat a 2006 effort to prevent GVEA member votes on power generation and transmission decisions

Save GVEA! helped re-elect a board member who was targeted for removal by a GVEA nominating committee in 2008

* GVEA needs "Saving" to restore member-owned common sense to its decision making processes!

Healy "Clean Coal" Plant: GVEA's ever-changing story

Recent increases in our electric rates "subsidize" GVEA's large industrial customers

Review GVEA's extensive history of rejecting opportunities to operatate HCCP

Review GVEA's unpredictable history of condemning and embracing HCCP

In 1990, Chugach Electric identified high HCCP power costs that GVEA disregarded for years

HCCP construction costs are "off the charts", compared with other coal-fired power plants

Should GVEA obligate ratepayers to shoulder as much as $20,000/member in long term debt?







Healy "Clean Coal" Plant

A local impact from our global reliance on burning fossil fuels

Visit the website of a new Golden Valley Ratepayer’s Alliance