GVEA walked away from several
opportunities to operate HCCP


May 1998: GVEA files suit against HCCP owner, the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) , seeking a court order that "commercial operation" of HCCP can't be achieved by the 1/1/00 contractual deadline

GVEA Annual Report, 1999: "HCCP is not commercially reliable and it produced very expensive power… The plant was shut down 12/31/99."

March 8, 2000: GVEA settles May 1998 lawsuit and agrees to operate HCCP

* April 2003: GVEA terminated their 1991 Power Sales Agreement, and decided not to retrofit/operate HCCP

* August 2004, GVEA agrees to cooperate with AIDEA on restarting HCCP, otherwise GVEA announced it wants nothing to do with HCCP.

* Spring 2005: GVEA refuses to work with AIDEA for lease arrangement to provide access for operating HCCP

* November 7, 2005: AIDEA sues GVEA for failing to operate HCCP per their 3/8/00 court settlement

May 6, 2006: Homer Electric Association determined HCCP will run economically, and negotiated to operate it. GVEA expressed renewed interest in retrofitting HCCP for its own use


* Reference: AIDEA report timeline