GVEA reduces bills for their largest industrial customer's by
costs to residential and small commercial users

In 1992, the Fort Knox mine and GVEA's Healy "Clean Coal" Plant were proposals seeking broadened public support. As part of the efforts to "sell" these projects:

a) Ft. Knox claimed their mine would lower electric rates, and
b) GVEA claimed HCCP would not increase electric rates, due to the increased demand for power from Ft. Knox.

In September 2008, GVEA proposed that the "Regulatory Commission of Alaska" allow GVEA to begin shifting the cost of power from their largest customers to residential and small commercial customers. At the time, GVEA indicated that Ft. Knox should eventually pay 18.8% less than residential customers.

Find your latest electric bill, divide total charges by kilowatts used. Most residences pay about 24 to 25 cents per kilowatt hour, while the largest industrial customers pay around 15 cents. See "Electric Power Monthly" to compare: a) Your residential rate with typical rates across the US, and b) Alaska's average "discount" for industrial electrical power users. GVEA's rate structure is off the charts in both categories.