GVEA currently favors* HCCP
*After they were against it, after they were for it...

Revising History: GVEA denies its earliest involvement with Healy "Clean Coal" Plant

GVEA former president Mike Kelly denies GVEA's early participation in the HCCP fiasco, 2005

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Anchorage-based commentator Andrew Halcro identifies potential reasons for GVEA's gyrating position on the Healy Plant.

Flipping: GVEA frequently supports HCCP:

GVEA was an original applicant for the Department of Energy's clean coal grant authorized by Congress in 1988.

The earliest proposals called for locating HCCP adjacent to GVEA's Healy No.1 powerplant.

GVEA "Report to our Members": HCCP is an "Outstanding Opportunity", 1989

GVEA Board authorizes submission of HCCP Power Sales Agreement to APUC, 1/28/91

GVEA President Mike Kelly declares that HCCP is like getting a car for half price, 7/13/92

GVEA agrees to operate HCCP, 1993

GVEA president Mike Kelly serves as Master of Ceremonies for the HCCP groundbreaking in 1995

GVEA President Mike Kelley agrees to operate HCCP, 3/8/00

GVEA to buy and operate HCCP with its "clean coal" systems, 2009

and Flopping: GVEA also frequently opposes HCCP:

1998 GVEA files a complaint alleging that "correcting the plant's working conditions will jeopardize employees and increase long term operating costs".

1999 GVEA Annual Report: "HCCP is not commercially reliable and it produced very expensive power… The plant was shut down 12/31/99."

Mike Kelly portrays HCCP as "a poster child for failure." - 12/31/99 Fairbanks Daily News Miner

GVEA terminates HCCP power sales agreement, 2003

GVEA advocates removing HCCP pollution control systems, 2006