Election Details:

  • Ballots for District 1,2,3 went in the mail Friday 9 May 2008.
  • Please do not throw your GVEA Ballot out. Please fill it out, sign it, and send it in. Its free-no stamp required.
  • Historically Board of Director Elections have less than 20% participation. Your participation is important.
  • Ballots are due at GVEA 5pm 10 June

Reasons to Support Tom DeLong:

There is a real effort to replace Tom and get a retired GVEA Manager on the board. Tom needs your support to retain his position on the board:

  • Retain an Independent voice on the board!
  • Conservation, Efficiency, Renewable Generation, Smart Technology
  • Fair, Understandable & Conservation Oriented Rates
  • Coal generation - the only board member questioning the CEO's promotion of new coal fired power plants
  • Transparency - the lone voice for recording the votes of each board member in the meeting minutes.
  • Term Limits - the lone voice for term limits - favoring 3 to 4 terms (9 to 12 years)
  • Member communication - favors much more open and objective communication with members
  • Green Power Advisory Committee - as a member Tom made a resolution at the Annual Meeting that lead to the formation of the Green Power Advisory Committee (GPAC).
  • The SNAP Program was a recommendation of the GPAC.
  • Regulatory Commission of Alaska - Tom favors staying under the RCA control.
  • Tom is not taking campaign donations and is NOT sending out a flyer in the mail (big bucks)
  • Tom is relying on grassroots support and member outreach (thats you)

Please help re-elect Tom Delong:

If you would like to assist in the campaign, here are 3 ways to help:

  • Come to Tom DeLong's house Tues and/or Wed 13/14 May for a "Call the Members Party"
  • Cell phones and land lines and lists of District 2 members will be provided.
  • Look through the list and call folks you know and ask them to vote for Tom

Scripts will be provided

2592 Doc John Road, off of Goldhill Road

Food (dinner) drinks, snacks, phones, lists provided

6 to 10pm on Tues/Wed 13/14 May

Call 479-5045 for more info

2. Contact Tom DeLong and review the District 2 List and commit to calling those folks on the list. A master list will be kept to keep members from getting repeat calls.

3. Talk to your friends at work and play and consider writing a letter to the editor in support of Tom



6/10/08 Update:

Tom Delong won re-election to the GVEA board with 58% of the vote.

Thanks for your support!

GVEA Ballots Hit the Mail

Tom Delong

Ballots should not be thrown out with your junk mail!

Questions for Tom?


Tom's background:

Tom has lived in Fairbanks since moving here when he was 17 years old. He and his wife Ann have college and high school age daughters. Tom has worked in the fishing, mining and tourism industries. He has worked at ABR, Inc. Environmental Research & Services as the Office/Contracts Manager for the last 15 years. Tom has also owned and operated Tolovana Hot Springs, a remote natural hot springs, for the last 18 years. He is a past board member of the Alaska Green Star and The Alaska Wilderness and Tourism Association. Tom has coached outdoor and indoor youth soccer teams for the last 12 years. His primary outdoor activities are skate skiing, back country skiing, hiking, biking, boating, hunting and fishing. When the weather is good and the busy life slows down Tom enjoys flying his 1946 Taylorcraft.


Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor:

Golden Valley Electrical Association (GVEA) members will soon receive mail-in ballots for the board election. For those who live on the west side of town (Dist. 2), let's recap why you should pull the ballot from "junk mail" and return it with a vote for Tom DeLong.

In 2006, GVEA promoted a spin-off of their power generation and transmission systems to an entity without direct accountability to coop members. Delong was the only board member to openly challenge the proposal. At the December 2006 special election, the idea was overwhelmingly rejected by GVEA member/owners.

Fourteen months later, a GVEA nominating committee decided that despite Tom's position as an incumbent board member, he was insufficiently qualified to run for re-election. Tom's friends gathered signatures to restore his name to the ballot in this election.

Look what happens when public utility assets are spun-off to independent owners. In the 1990s, Enron vigorously lobbied for laws forcing California's power companies to sell their power plants to independent companies.
In 2001, Enron used fraud and deception to create an artificial energy "crisis" in California, with high prices and rolling blackouts.

California residents paid about $50 billion for an amount of electricity that cost about $7 billion two years earlier. During the scam, Enron CEO Ken Lay told the Chair of the California Power Authority, "In the final analysis, it doesn't matter what you crazy people in California do, because I got smart guys who can always figure out how to make money."

If not for Tom DeLong's leadership, our cooperatively-owned facilities could have been sold to an Enron-like corporation, without a vote of GVEA's member/owners. Learn what could have happened; rent the movie "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room". It's a documentary researched by reporters from Fortune Magazine.

Movie critic Roger Ebert highly recommends this movie, and it's available to rent locally. According to Ebert, "This is not a political documentary. It's a crime story. No matter what your politics, "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" will make you mad." Also see my website SaveGVEA.com.


Ed Davis